A payment is an exchange.


A transfer of value from hand to hand. A simple act of providing goods and waiting for something in return. It has shaped the way humanity organizes itself and consequently the society we live in.

It started with something as simple as bartering services for meat or fruits, to later evolve to payments in grain, to the use of metal, coins, and leather money.


We’ve come a long way since then, and today we might not be exchanging services for baskets of berries or slices of meat, but, we still give and wait for something in return, as we once did.


At SIBS, for over 30 years, we’ve embodied this into our flesh and bones. We were pioneers in payments and finance, and we’ve been challenging ourselves and expanding our limits, to fit into a world powered by these exchanges and transfers.


Today, we might not be exchanging seashells, metals or leather notes, for the first time in history, but we are allowing people to make transfers and exchanges effortlessly, for the first time in history.


We have made the impossible, possible.


By creating revolutionary products such as mobile top-ups, “pagamento de serviços” (services payments), Portugal’s preferred purchases method or Via Verde, a unique contactless road toll and parking payments, and by developing the MB NET and MB WAY to simplify transfers and online payments, we have shaped an industry.


But, now, we’re living a unique moment in time where technology and creativity have aligned to improve the world we live in, and we want to support this movement, by helping bold entrepreneurs take on an industry as we once did. We want to give today what others gave us before. We want to pay forward.


For this reason, we have created SIBSPayForward, our new accelerator for startups in partnership with Beta-i, with the mission to empower ambitious and ingenious entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions in the smart finance and payments industry.


Let’s create an impact, let’s be accountable, let’s get this moving.


It’s time to pay it forward.


Welcome to SIBSPayForward.

SIBS wants to continue to collaborate and support other Fintech.The launch of an innovative accelerator and the first one in payments area to be done in Portugal, allowed us to evolve as an organization, to be even more disruptive in terms of innovation and to develop more e effective collaboration models with this new ecosystem of organizations and entrepreneurs.

Madalena Tomé, CEO at SIBS